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Discover the Nam Kat Waterfall

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Operated by: Oudomxay Travel Office
Muang Xay District, Oudomxay Province

Nam Kat Waterfall

A cooperation project of Udomxay Travel & the Provincial Tourism Office of Oudom Xai
supported by DED

  1. Why should I go to the Nam Kat Waterfall?

    Discover the Heart of Northern Lao Why rush on, pass a wonderful day in the nature near Oudomxay. This new day trip will take you to the wild valley and beautiful waterfall in the Houay Nam Kat Reserve a provincial protected area about 20 km southeast of Oudomxay (Muang Xay or Udom Xai). You will walk up the valley through a pristine forest to the Nam Kat Waterfall where you enjoy picnic lunch in beautiful scenery.
  2. When can I do the tour?

    The tour starts every day in the morning about 8:30 a.m. and you come back in the evening between 5 and 6 p.m.
  3. Where do I get more information?
    A picnic lunch with Lao food and Lao people

    More information you get at the Udomxay Travel Office 150 m from the bus station on the way to the center to the city Tel.: + 856-81-212-020 and in the Provincial Tourism Office in front of the new supermarket.
  4. Where can I get the tickets?

    Please book the day trip the previous evening, so that we can organize the tour. Tickets are only available at Udomxay Travel Office near the bus station.
    Contact: Udomxai Travel, near the bus station, Mr. Kenchan Ophetsan, Oudomxay, Lao P.D.R. Tel/Fax: + 856-81-212-020, Email:
  5. What's included?

    The trek  includes all costs like fees, transport, guides and the picnic lunch. The group should not be greater than eight persons. If you are less than four persons the price has to be negotiated because the fix cost (transportation to the starting point) are quite high.
  6. Things to bring along for the trip!

    You need normal condition for a 4 hour walk about 2,5 hour up and 1,5 h down. Good shoes, warm clothes in the cold season (November to February) are required, depending the season, you might get wet shoes by passing small rivers/streams.