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What is the MTDP?

Village Homestay in Champassak

Village homestay family with tourists in
Champassak Province

The LNTA-ADB Mekong Tourism Development Project (MTDP) is working with local communities to develop their capacity to participate in and benefit from tourism. The project provides training to communities on guiding, hospitality, cooking, tourism management and marketing. The project also assists communities to build tourism infrastructures such as guest houses, toilets, rest areas and trail improvement. The project is implemented by the Lao National Tourism Administration (LNTA) with funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).


Project Activities

  • Training: The project provides training to village partners on a variety of subjects, including tourism awareness, guiding and interpretation, cooking and hospitality, handicraft design and marketing, business skills and management, and conservation awareness.

  • Infrastructure: Design and construction of tourism related infrastructure including village guest houses, rest areas, trail improvements, signage, toilets, boat landings and visitor centers.

  • Information & Marketing: The project assists target villages to market their products to tourists and tour companies. The project also produces informational materials, such as pamphlets, posters, videos and websites to promote community-based ecotourism in Lao PDR.

  • Monitoring: A monitoring protocol has been developed by the project to monitor the positive and negative impacts from tourism.

  • Planning: The project assists villages with planning on how to manage and protect their cultural and natural resources.

New CBET Products
in 2005 - 2006

Chomphet Trekking (Pu Luang Tai)
Muang Ngoi Trek to Khamu Village Kwang Si Waterfall 1-day Walk

Phou Sam Yawt Journey
Nam Ha Forest Camp
Akha Trail- Nam Mye Caves

Phou Hin Poun Protected Area Trek Buddha Cave
Kong Lor Cave - Natan Homestay

Don Daeng Island & Vat Phou Sites Xe Pian Forest Excursion/Elephants
Pu Khong Mountain-Don Ko Island

Project partners include SNV, EU-MPDLC, Wildlife Conservation Society, GTZ & UNESCO